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Amana AMVC8/ADVC8 Variable-Speed Gas Furnace:

Our Best Furnace Technology . . . with 80% AFUE!
With an Amana® brand AMVC8/ADVC8 Two-Stage, Variable-Speed Furnace you will own what we believe to be the best furnace anywhere. Not only will this furnace provide your family with years of reliable warmth in even the harshest winters, and do so with 80% efficiency—it will also minimize the temperature swings that can occur from floor-to-ceiling and room-to-room — year-round. And it’s designed to last and last and last!

Why are we so proud of this furnace? Because a furnace’s most critical component is its heat exchanger, and we consider our Million-Air® to be the most durable heat exchanger available. Our SureStart® Ignition System, another critical component, is comprised of a rugged silicon nitride igniter. Then, there’s its performance. This furnace’s two-stage heating technology and variable-speed blower ensure ongoing room-to-room and floor-to-ceiling temperature consistency. And the furnace’s Auto-Comfort mode helps ensure maximum dehumidification and energy efficiency during every season. We’re so confident in the quality of your Amana brand AMVC8/ADVC8 Variable-Speed Furnace that we cover it with a Lifetime Unit Replacement Limited Warranty * to the original, registered homeowner for as long as you own your home. Not many companies will go to such lengths to assure you of the quality of their products. And few make a product close to the quality of the Amana brand AMVC8/ADVC8 Variable-Speed Gas Furnace.

Energy Efficiency. After product safety and durability, most new furnace buyers are concerned about energy efficiency. A furnace’s efficiency can primarily be determined by two factors: its AFUE rating (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency), which indicates what percentage of each dollar of natural gas purchased is actually used to heat your home; and the type of blower used in the furnace. Your new Amana brand Variable-Speed Furnace offers 80% AFUE. Compare this furnace to the typical 60% AFUE furnaces that are installed in many homes today, and you’ll see the energy savings you’ll enjoy for years to come. And its variable-speed blower makes this furnace even more efficient. The low constant fan setting can use as little energy to run as a 100- watt light bulb. As the furnace runs in low-heat capacity, the unit is able to maintain even warmth throughout the house, without high-heat surges. The Amana brand AMVC8 Variable-Speed Furnace is one of the most efficient furnaces we manufacture, and what we believe to be one of the best furnaces in the industry.

• 80% AFUE
• ComfortNetTM Communicating Systems Compatible Control
• Million-Air® Stainless-Steel Tubular Primary Heat Exchanger
• Powder-Paint Finish
• Corrosion-Resistent Vent Variable-Speed Blower
• Fully Insulated Cabinet
• Corrosion-Resistant Vent Blower
• SureStart® Silicon Nitride Igniter
• Electronic Ignition Control
• Convenient 33⅜” Height Unit